Tahoe Sierra Pines #13

Welcome to our home away from home!


Our Incline Village condo is the place we come to relax, spend time with family, and enjoy all that nature has to offer.  We hope you'll treat it like we would and enjoy it while you're there. 

We rent our condo to friends, family, and people who come with references from our friends and family.  In order to keeps costs down, we do not use a rental broker.  We use Jazmin Gonzalez for housecleaning services and ask that you leave cash or a $135 check made out to her on the counter when you leave. We trust that the people we rent to will keep the place clean and respect the things that we leave there unsecured.  There is ample closet space in each bedroom, but because this is our vacation home, we do leave some personal items up there year round. You’re welcome to anything you find in our kitchen, but we ask that you replace any staples that you use – dishwashing detergent, soap, toilet paper, etc.  If you think of anything that will make your next stay here more enjoyable, please let us know. 

Other Information

Bedrooms and Bathrooms 

Our condo has four bedrooms each with an en suite bathroom. Each of the four bedrooms and four bathrooms are exactly the same size. Three of the bedrooms have a queen sized bed. There is a kids/bunk room with three twin sized beds. There is also a pack-n-play and a couple of sleeping mats for younger kids who might need to stay in a room with their parents.


Yes, we finally have Wi-Fi access at the condo.  The network name is TSP13 and the password is GoodTimes.

The Fireplace: 

When you get to the condo you will inevitably have to re-start the gas fireplace.  First, make sure that the gas is turned on with the "key" that is in the floor.  Then, remove the bottom louver and there is a metal card that is tucked in on the left hand side.  You have to follow the directions on that card and give it more than one try.  Be sure to open the doors to the bedrooms.  The fireplace heats up the unit fast, but you'll find the bedrooms cold if you haven't opened the doors to allow the heat to travel. 


There is a coin-operated laundry room in the downstairs corner unit of the building directly across from ours.  Follow the path between the buildings to the stairs leading to the laundry room. 


Mofo’s – Pizza in the Christmas Village strip mall on Tahoe Blvd.

Azzara’s – Pasta in the Raley’s shopping center next to the Hardware store

Wildflower Café – breakfast spot across the street from X-Mas Village

La Fondue - on Southwood across from the Hyatt (need reservations)

The Lone Eagle –The Hyatt - dinner and drinks place ($$$ need reservations for dinner – but a great place to go in the evenings for a drink and mellow music.) 

Rookie’s – a sports and burger joint in the Raley’s shopping center



The Incline Village visitors’ center has a lot of good information (it’s on Tahoe Blvd, just down from our place as you head towards south shore.)  The hike we like is about eight to miles south of Incline Village on Tahoe Blvd.  It’s just about two miles past Sand Harbor.  If you hit Spooner Junction (to South-shore and Carson City), you’ve gone too far.  In fact, it’s exactly 1.8 miles short of Spooner Junction.  As you’re traveling down Tahoe Blvd towards South-shore, you’ll see a turn out to the right of the road and a green metal gate (almost like one of those waist high gates you swing open to pull a car onto a dirt road.)  Pedestrian entrance around the gate and you head down the trail to the most exclusive and beautiful beach in all of Tahoe.  I think it’s actually called Skunk Cove, but don’t let the name fool you.  It’s about 3 miles round trip. 


There are two private access beaches in Incline – Ski Beach and Burnt Cedar.  Ski Beach is two blocks down Village Blvd.  Ski Beach has both lounging areas and a boat launch.  To get to Burnt Cedar, go two blocks down Village Blvd to the water and turn right on Lakeshore Blvd – walk another half mile or so to Burnt Cedar.  Burnt Cedar has an outdoor swimming pool with a lifeguard. 


*******     There is a per person charge (it’s about $7 per person) to get on either beach and both require you to show an IVGID (Incline Village General Improvement District) Pass.  We generally get you an IVGID Guest Pass when you get keys.  Our guest passes have "punch" money on them (dollar amounts that can be punched out of the card).  We ask that you don't use the "punch" money unless we've made specific arrangements with us because once the card is depleted of punch money, it is de-activated.  Please just ask the toll taker if you can pay cash for your admittance. 



The Hyatt Incline has just been totally renovated and remodeled and is about a ten minute walk from the condo.  They have everything you could ever want.  To get to the Hyatt, come out of the condo parking lot and turn right.  Turn right on Incline Way (the corner of our complex) and go about ½ a mile.  You’ll see the Hyatt on your right.   If you want to go big, South Shore is home to Harveys and Harrahs.  Go to Tahoe Blvd and turn right, and go about 30 minutes South.  Can't miss it. 



The closest resort to our place is Diamond Peak.  It is a relatively small, family-oriented, resort.  Adult all-day lift tickets are about $52.  From our place, turn right on to Tahoe Blvd., and left on Country Club Blvd.  Follow the signs from there.


Mt. Rose is the highest elevation resort in Tahoe. It is slightly larger than Diamond Peak, but also has reasonably priced lift tickets.  From our place, turn left on to Tahoe Blvd., and right on to Mt. Rose Highway (just after you get through the City of Incline Village.)  It’s about a 20 minute drive. 


Northstar is the closest large resort.  Lift tickets are about $68.  From our place, turn left on to Tahoe Blvd., right on to Highway 267 (at Kings Beach) and Northstar is about 8 miles up 267 on your left.  It’s about a 30 minute drive. 


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Jul 3 at 3:00 PM - Sunday, Jul 8 4:00 PM
Sunday, Jul 15 at 6:00 PM - Thursday, Jul 19 7:00 PM
Sunday, Jul 29 at 12:00 PM - Sunday, Aug 5 1:00 PM
Wednesday, Aug 8 at 3:00 PM - Wednesday, Aug 15 4:00 PM